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How to Be Satisfied With What You Have

How to be satisfied with what you have now?

Many people might say that they are not happy, even though they have a lot.

Yes, it is hard to be satisfied with what you have because the world is full of images of success. It makes us feel like we are failing.

So, here’s how YOU can give up that mindset and celebrate what you have now:

Don’t compare yourself

Don’t compare yourself to unrealistic role models.

You don’t have to look like a celebrity or live the life of an influencer to be successful.

  • Focus on what is realistic for you and don’t get your motivation down by comparing yourself to someone who has millions of dollars!

Change your perspective

Change the way of looking at things.

Imagine that you do not have anyone to compare to…would you be happy with what you have? Can you appreciate it?

  • Do not focus on what you COULD have when compared to others. Consider what you WANT in your life to be happy.

You could be closer to satisfaction than you think!

Find things to be grateful

It is easy to recognize everything that is going badly right now.

  • Try to shift your focus and see everything that is fine or even outstanding.
  • Consider at least a few things you have to be grateful for every day.

Make a habit of practicing gratitude and seeing your daily life in a positive light!

Social media

Social media is full on millions of people, apparently living their best life.

When you use this as a guide to everything you should be doing, you’re setting yourself at a disadvantage.

Firstly, you are comparing yourself to many people, each focusing on a different thing. You might be expecting to have to have it all.

Secondly, you are not looking at reality. Most people don’t share their struggles or their bad days.

What you see is not real because you are only seeing part of the picture.

Give yourself time

Give yourself time to enjoy what you have.

As you get more responsibilities , you might find that there’s less time to sit down and just enjoy what you have.

  • Take time to do things that are pleasant.
  • Make time for family and friends, for your hobbies and just for relaxation.

When you are not tense or working all the time, it becomes easier to enjoy life.

You DESERVE time that is just yours and meant to be full of fun and relaxing things.

Make sure you have that space in your life!


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