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How To Stay Positive and Motivated

It can be challenging to stay positive and motivated when life throws one of its many twists and turns at you. We feel lost and everything looks like shattering down. Well, you cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it. It is […]

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Want to stop comparing yourself to others?

If your answer to the question is yes, then read on. Comparison is natural and if you struggle with this, you are not alone. Modern-day society places so much pressure on us to succeed. It is easy to feel inadequate when everyone else’s success is on full display. All it […]

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How to Be Satisfied With What You Have

How to be satisfied with what you have now? Many people might say that they are not happy, even though they have a lot. Yes, it is hard to be satisfied with what you have because the world is full of images of success. It makes us feel like we […]


If You Are Feeling Lonely…Read This!

How often do you feel lonely? It is common for all of us to experience loneliness every now and then, but what to do if the feeling persists more than we’re used to? If not dealt with properly, it can grow into something harmful for your mental health. While a […]

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10 Relaxing Ways To Spend Time By Yourself

As an introvert, spending time alone is a necessity for me. No matter how busy my day is, I always try to make time for myself. Spending time alone lets my mind wander without social distractions. It gives me an opportunity to recharge and gain a better understanding of myself. […]


6 Powerful Journaling Techniques

In a world obsessed with being perfect all the time, journaling is our time to just be ourselves, unedited and unscripted. Here are 6 powerful journaling techniques from which you can choose the best for yourself. Morning pages Journaling in the morning is a nice, mindful way to start your […]


Reasons Why YOU Should Start Journaling

Journaling can help you recognize and notice any feelings that you are experiencing. Most of us go through our days, not taking a moment to pause and reflect on what we’re doing or what’s going around us. Sometimes, even our own thoughts can fade into the noise of the world. […]


5 Signs You Are Burnt Out, Not Lazy

Why does it seem like you spend most of your time in bed, lying down and not doing much lately? Are you someone who easily gets tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything? Do you label this kind of behavior as laziness and nothing more? There’s actually a lot of […]

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How to Practice Self Love

So, your question is how to practice self love… Do you know what self love is? It’s more than changing your hair or getting a new wardrobe. Self love is gaining an appreciation for yourself through the physical, emotional and spiritual support, you provide yourself with. It’s not a fixed […]


50 Things to Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

I don’t know about you, but I often catch myself scrolling on social media for hours. Now, social media isn’t all bad, and I still enjoy being on it. I love how it allows me to connect with people around the world, see new things, think of new ideas, and […]