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7 Simple Steps to Reset Yourself

Every now and then you need a reset.

 It could be after finishing a project or achieving a goal. Or it could be a feeling of being stuck and exasperated by being busy but still be frustratingly a long way away from your goals. 

Resetting yourself helps you to move forward with renewed clarity and motivation.

So how do you reset yourself? Here are 7 simple steps to reset yourself:

1. Wake up gently

Not checking your phone or jumping on social media in the morning will help you start your day with ease and on the right foot.

2. Clean up

Clean your living or working space. Cleaning helps you to improve your mood.

3. Relax

Take some time to relax with a bath and a good book. Listening to soothing music or watching your favorite TV show can help you relax as well.

4. Friends and family

Spend time with those who fill you up. Sometimes a good laugh in familiar company is what you really need.

5. Feed your mind

Feed your mind with the right kind of nutrition as in listening to the right podcast, following people who motivate you and reading books that expand your mind and let your creativity wander.

6. Do things that bring you joy

Spend time doing things that you love. Just do it, because it brings you joy.

7. Less screen time

Try new activities that soothe your mind. Go look who you are following in social media and unfollow all those people who make you feel bad and who doesn’t inspire you. Delete any unnecessary apps and apps that waste your time.

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