6 Powerful Journaling Techniques

In a world obsessed with being perfect all the time, journaling is our time to just be ourselves, unedited and


Here are 6 powerful journaling techniques from which you can choose the best for yourself.

Morning pages

Journaling in the morning is a nice, mindful way to start your day.

Just take a few minutes, gather your thoughts with a cup of coffee or tea. Write down thoughts that are floating in your mind.

Tip! Put your notebook beside your bed, so it will be the first thing you see, when you wake up.


Free writing provides a space to clear your mind through the act of releasing your thoughts.

You can revisit the things that happened in your day, write down any problems or anything that you feel in the moment.

You can set a timer or dedicate a page and just let your thoughts flow. This simple act, made into a habit can do wonders for your mental clarity.

Bullet journal

Bullet journal is an organizational system that keeps all your ideas, notes, schedules and everything else in one single notebook.

When you do bullet journaling, try not to concentrate too much on the aesthetics and looks, but more on the content itself.

Write down your goals, big events, habits you want to establish this month or year, monthly to-do list, etc.

It will be helpful when you have the bullet journal, but if you can’t afford it or you just don’t have it, then of course regular notebook will do the job.

Unsent letter

This is an incredible journaling technique to help you get closure, to forgive someone or to thank them, to gain clarity about a situation.

You might write to an old friend or someone, who is no longer in your life.

“The paper has more patience than people.”

Anne Frank

The purpose it to express yourself, your thoughts, your feelings to that person, without holding yourself back.

Since you won’t be sending the letter to anyone, it is comforting to know that there is no judgement or any other feeling involved.

Also, you can write to yourself.

One sentence

We all know, the blank page can be the most intimidating. So, if you want to journal, but are not quite sure what to say or how to begin, maybe you want to try the one sentence journaling.

You can write your daily affirmations or just a quick life update. Maybe you want to make a list of all the books you want to read.

Whatever it is, remember, YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT WITH IT.


Sometimes we don’t know how much we have to be thankful for, until we start counting each blessing.

What you focus on, becomes your reality.”

Once we begin to focus on the things that we have, instead of what we don’t, then our realities begin to shift with our thoughts.

  • Whatever journaling technique you choose, I think the most important thing is to just get started. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing!

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