5 Signs You Are Burnt Out, Not Lazy

Why does it seem like you spend most of your time in bed, lying down and not doing much lately?

Are you someone who easily gets tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything? Do you label this kind of behavior as laziness and nothing more?

There’s actually a lot of overlap between laziness and burnout. That can make it difficult to differentiate between the two.

Burnout is defined as “a negative state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress and an inability to cope with it.”

Here Are 5 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy:

1. You feel disconnected from everything

Are YOU going through emotions everyday as if on autopilot? Is there a persistent feeling of being detached from your own self?

If you’re suffering from burnout, one of the things you might be experiencing but don’t quite realize or understand is “depersonalization”.

People experiencing depersonalization (most commonly those who are struggling with trauma) repost feeling strange sort of a emotional numbness or emptiness, as if they were watching life from outside of themselves.

They don’t feel like themselves anymore. They don’t feel engaged by anything and they constantly struggle with the overwhelming sense of helplessness and inability to take back control of their lives.

2. You used to be motivated

Laziness is a character trait and character traits tend to remain stable over time.

A lazy person doesn’t ever feel like exerting effort or applying themselves to things.

But if you used to be self-motivated and high achieving, and you’re feeling exhausted, apathetic and unmotivated, then it’s more likely that you’re suffering from burnout and not laziness.

3. You used to be passionate

A clear difference between someone who is burnt out and someone who is lazy is that the performer use to have things they were passionate about, but may now be struggling find interest or enjoyment in it anymore.

Whether it’s a talent, a sport or just your academic or professional performance in general.

Burnout can make it hard for you to do the things you once loved or felt passionate about. You might even come to hate or resent it because of how much you overworked yourself and pushed yourself to the brink because of it.

4. You’ve become moody & irritable

Do you find yourself snappy and easily irritated? Do you often feel emotionally out of control nowadays and don’t know why?

Moodiness and irritability are common, but often overlooked signs of burnout.

So, if you start to have trouble controlling your emotions, especially when it never used to be a problem for you. This might be the reason why.

Lazy people on the other hand are often very relaxed, laid back and unaffected by things.

5. You’ve neglected your self-care

One of the most distressing warning signs that someone may be emotionally and physically burnt out is if you start neglecting your self-care and socially withdraw from others.

There are concerning changes in your eating or sleeping patterns. You stop making effort to groom yourself to look good and you tend to spend most of your time by yourself, doing nothing.

The difference between being burnt out and laziness are in the fact that you weren’t always this way.

Spotting the signs of burnout early!

Spotting the signs of burnout early, makes it all easier for you to get help and recover from it.

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